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In the summer of 1988, 31 years ago, Michele started working at the Channel Inn as a server only when there was a band playing. The owners Paul and Dolly Peterson took Michele under their wing and taught her everything they knew about the bar and restaurant business. Michele had told Dolly at one point 'if you ever decide to sell the Channel, I want to buy it!'

Well they did sell, and the timing was not right for Michele and Jay as Jay had recently been in a life changing vehicle accident. Michele has worked for a total of 7 owner groups throughout her time at the channel.

Jay grew up in the Warsaw area and remembers the business being called Orcutt's Supper Club and Thielbars Store, among other names such as Someplace Else and The Dew Drop.

When the former owners Mike and Sandy Austin and Pat and Emily Long approached Michele about buying the business her 1st response was no way! Jay, however, knew that Michele was interested and that the two of them had a strong chance of success and he convinced Michele that it was the right decision!

Jay and Michele purchased the Channel Inn January 1st 2018 and are active and visible owners and operators. Jay's strengths are in maintenance and upkeep and is responsible for the updated beautiful yard, which includes 9 horseshoe pits and an RC Car race track. Michele does whatever needs to be done, including tending bar, cooking, scheduling, and ordering.

Having 6 children and 4 grandchildren, Jay and Michele support a family environment during the day and early evening hours. You'll find plastic horseshoes, a soccer ball, frisbee and sidewalk chalk for kids. You'll also find a water dish for your friendly pets to be with you on the patio.

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